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2014 Southwest Kiln Conference

The Southwest Kiln Conference, also known as the Leupp Kiln Conference, is an informal group of archeologists, potters, replicators and just people interested in the processes and materials used toRead More

Ancient Native American Pottery Replication Workshop: Decorated Wares of the 1300s

This workshop will focus on replicating the pottery types produced by Pueblo peoples in southern Arizona between AD 1270 and 1450. Some of this region’s most elaborately decorated and widelyRead More

Suggestions for Salado Polychrome Research

In Ceramics and Ideology Patricia Crown compared the composition of Salado polychrome sherds from across the region to prove that Salado polychromes were produced over a wide area instead of aRead More

Salado Origins

As I posted earlier in A Closer Look At Salado White Slip, Salado Polychrome was a novel idea when it was invented in the late 1200s. The white bentonite orRead More

A Closer Look At Salado White Slip

Not much has been written about the white slip used on Salado Polychromes (Roosevelt Red Ware), or at least not as much as deserves to be written. The usual considerationRead More

Salado Secret Sauce

A bowl full of Salado white slip (maybe). Has such a thing existed since 1450? I have 2 pots in the works that I will be firing soon, next weekRead More

Where is the rest of the Mills Collection?

When I was younger and researching Babocomari Polychrome, I logically asked the Amerind Foundation to be allowed to visit their collection and was denied. I then called the Arizona StateRead More

Traditional Pottery Making Level 1 Workshop

Sundays October 13-November 24, 2013 2 to 5 p.m. on each of these Sunday afternoons This series of seven pottery-making class sessions is offered by pottery craftsman Andy Ward. ByRead More

Potter’s Secrets and Information Freedom

Traditional southwestern potters are notoriously secretive about sharing information. This pattern may, as far as we know, extend all the way back to the earliest days of ceramics in theRead More

Archaeologists aren’t potters (and vice versa)

  Archaeologists are continually misunderstanding the white slip on Salado polychromes. The oft-repeated theory that the black organic paint on Salado polychromes is achieved through low temperature firing is wrong,Read More